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The decision to allow the Turkish advance came less than a month after Mr.

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Trump spooked American partners in the region by appearing to back down from another confrontation, that one against Iran. Trump has levied sweeping economic sanctions against Iran since May in an attempt to coerce its leaders into accepting strict restrictions on their military capabilities and nuclear energy program. During the escalating confrontation over the sanctions, he has frequently expressed a willingness to use military force against Iran. And Mr. Trump disclaimed any responsibility. But since the American military presence in the region reached its apex with the invasion of Iraq in , presidents from both parties have tried to cut back.

President Obama sought to pull out of Afghanistan but instead sent a surge of more troops to try to achieve enough stability to ease a withdrawal — a gambit that failed to achieve that goal.

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He withdrew American troops from Iraq in But his critics say the pullout enabled the emergence of the Islamic State, which seized a large portion of Iraq and Syria in , drawing the United States military back in. Trump, who risks allowing a resurgence of the Islamic State by pulling back in Syria, argued Michele Dunne, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. But unlike Mr. Trump, Mr.

Phillip Gordon, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and the Middle East coordinator for the Obama White House, acknowledged that pulling back from the Middle East turned out to be easier said than done. But he said he had marveled that President Trump had managed to campaign promising both to pull back from Middle Eastern conflicts and at the same time to push back more aggressively against regional foes.

Gordon said, and in Mr. Critics say that the Trump administration has been inconsistent toward the Middle East before. When Persian Gulf neighbors sought to isolate Qatar in , members of Mr. He later ordered airstrikes against Syria to punish its government for using chemical weapons against rebel groups but he failed to respond after Washington confirmed another use of chemical weapons earlier this year.

But the reality is that the Book of Job is a difficult book. Nothing wrong with Job.

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Like they were there when it was written. I love it. We get so digressed into all that stuff. Some Jesus Christ and Him crucified. You know what I mean. I mean we have an idea because we have the New Testament. Satan, comes with these sons of God. Are they angels? What are they? Why would you do such a thing like that?

Nobody knows. He only loves You because You give him everything. Is this the way it works in Heaven? Is this what really goes on? Satan goes out and absolutely plunders Job, and then Job gets the three Christian comforters. You know about them, right? Yeah, those are always fun. We saw how God did something. And any of you who have kids, you know that. She just knows the word. See Scripture shows us how God acts. Scriptures like tough on this stuff. God, what can You show me? James is written to people who are scattered throughout the Roman Empire.

We call it the Dispersion. That happened. People were separated from wives. People were separated from grandparents. People were separated from kids.

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Dispersed out into the Roman world. No money.

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No anything. And they found themselves working on farms. They found themselves working for very wealthy landowners. And often times these landowners would take advantage of these people. And some of them died. James writes into this situation. It is a very difficult world in which he writes. God is the one who you serve. The tongue. Evil and all that stuff.

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The tongue in chapter three is the tongue of the teacher. You see, the teachers are teaching you all bad stuff. And some people have actually killed people. People that follow God have killed people.


You are to be patient. You are to trust God. You are to believe that God can do all the things that God has done. You are to be people of prayer.

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  • Pray, because prayer effects things. All of this is what James is writing into, a world that has been shaken.