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You call me ignorant. But if you were me you'd be no different.

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Because we're all just products. Of how we were brought up. You have less control than you think. I asked your perspective.

Which you found offensive. Now you've got me wondering. If I'm just wasting my time. Thinking that the solution is to be kind. I've said this whole time if there's one thing I would die for. You know it would be to make this world a better one. But that means something different to everyone. I can't stand to see. The food wasted annually. When people stand in streets. Because they can't eat. If we could just agree. Imagine the potential of a team.

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What a beautiful place this world could be. The problem is. Everyone thinks what they think.

Breathing Underwater

Is exactly what's best. So I can't say this is the way. Because that would make. Me no different than them. Maybe I'm just wasting my time. There's something I've been meaning to say.

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But you're so engrained in this social change. That you ain't noticed you've become what you hate. You're calling me close-minded straight to my face. But off of what observations are these thoughts based? I was taught from an early age to treat others the way. I would want them to behave if we exchanged places. If you knew me you would know that I'd be down to discuss it. But I could see in your eyes there was no room for discussion.

But I'm done fixing bridges that I haven't even busted. I think that people find what they search for.

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And what makes this all hurt more. Is that this contention at its inception was about perspective. Specifically when I asked for yours. I just seek to take us all higher. With these philosophies I've acquired. And the only time I preach is in the presence of choirs. But I do not believe. Trying to be kind.

If You Only Knew, by Jamie Ivey, book review

Suffice To Say. You'd been listening to Ocean Frank. It made you think of me, you hope I'm doing great. Hope it wasn't a mistake, but wait.

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As things were coming to an end. You said that you'd be open to us still being friends. Mentioning we should eventually reconnect. Before stopping me by blocking me on all the interwebs. So I took that moment to ask if you were interested. You said you were and asked if I'd be into it. I said I would, it don't gotta be nothing intricate. Just wanna know how life's been since the time that we were intimate. Admitted, I just wanted to say what's up.

Maybe remind myself exactly why did we break up. Half expecting you to want to try and make things up. But when you didn't I had to put this into quotations. You look just like the girl I used to date. But something about you has changed. It makes me want you back but that's a risk I can't take. Suffice to say you're different and the same.

In all the best ways. Last I heard, you were moving to New Orleans. You look gorgeous, but I guess that's not important. It appears as though our time apart's allowed you to move forward. You push your comfort zone and don't rely on anyone. Now longer want a relationship, no you just wanna have fun.