One Revolution: A Year of Flash Fiction

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Such were the necessities to keep everyone safe; besides like a hydra, if one of the twelve disappeared another could step in. Stones, bullets coming through the windows. A group of people had gathered around them, pressing against her and Julian. He tried to push them away from her, protecting her from the crowd. Tears ran down her cheeks, as she pulled one of the pins holding her hair. She reached for him and he cradled her giving him direct access to his heart.

But he broke hers long before that.

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He should have recognized the girl whose parents he killed. She hated him; she loved him. Crying she plunged the sharp pin into his heart, fast as she could. His eyes widened as he looked down at her; understanding and sorrow, so deep she could have killed herself. He fell slowly and she knelt by him. But you were wrong. Not today. Today is for freedom. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Flash fiction: 'Intense, urgent and a little explosive'

Like this: Like Loading Please, share your words Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. The guidelines of the prompt were very simple. Stories had to be set in a city in the distant future i. We received 1, submissions from countries, from young people, adults, established writers, emerging writers, first-time writers, and more. They wanted to write about their visions of the future. Very diverse in form, these 1, stories include science fiction, magical realism, speculative fiction, and fantasy.

Many of these visions are quite dystopic, presenting challenging scenes and challenged societies that had neglected nature to the peril of people, had experienced disaster and revolution, had seen cities drown and bake and disintegrate. Justice and inequality are common themes, in communities divided into haves and have-nots. Indeed, there are also stories of great beauty and hope, with nature that shines through the rubble, where people and the wild have merged in fundamental ways, where people were buried and rose again, where people moved and adapted; worlds with people whose beating hearts find comfort and life and love in reconceived cities embedded in thriving nature.

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Fifty-seven of these stories from 21 countries are in this book, including the seven that we judged to be prize-winners, authored by women from the United States, Canada, and India. A collection such as this is produced with a lot of help, and so the editors first want to thank the sponsors of the project: The Nature of Cities, ArtsEverywhere.

Forest Service. We are fundamentally indebted to the readers who helped us review the stories. These readers were from around the world, and we thank them. We could not have done this without them.

Many thanks to our executive committee, who read and discussed the final stories and made the selections for this collection. We hope you enjoy these 57 stories and that they inspire you to consider the future of the nature of cities. Many voices. Greener cities.

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While there is no agreed-upon word limit, most tales average around 1, Chinese characters, with the longest rarely exceeding 2, In spite of this bare-bones storytelling, the basic structure of a full-length story remains intact, with a clear beginning, middle, and end, though certain details are implied rather than explicitly spelled out. It is a no-frills genre. While publication dates are listed when known, with few exceptions, Qi does not provide background material on the writers or texts, nor are any Chinese characters given, therefore making it a challenge for readers to locate additional information about the authors and stories, particularly when it comes to lesser-known writers footnotes are reserved for famous figures and textual and cultural references.


The pages are filled with historical accounts, fantastic tales, humorous anecdotes, social commentaries, romances, poetic reflections, and parodies, among others. Other than their condensed narratives, what unites these works is their penchant for defying expectations with clever twist endings. The family scrambled to the table and ate with gusto. Afterwards, he lay in bed quietly and soon fell asleep, waiting for the Dark Angel of Death to descend.

The blowfish, however, had been cooked for so long its poison had all disappeared.

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So the family lived and would have to suffer hunger again, day by day. The family was so thrilled.

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