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The bloody slaughter of animals went on for another generation. It continued until it ceased perforce, when the temple was destroyed by Rome in AD The foregoing brings us to one simple but important question: Was it God's will that animal sacrifices continue from the cross until AD70? Or was it rather rebellion against God's will?

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Did God feel pleased with any animal sacrifice offered in the temple after Jesus was crucified? Or was it now rather a sin to offer animal blood to God?

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Did animal sacrifices push sins back to the cross like they had formerly pushed sins forward? Others will say that the cessation of animal sacrifices was unfortunate, and that Jesus himself will restore the practice for a thousand years. Yet Christ was the final sin offering and his death atoned for sins once and for all. He put an end to the offering of beasts as a legitimate act of worship and atonement.

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Daniel prophesied that, after the Messiah was cut off, God would confirm a covenant with many for one week not a literal week. In the middle of that week, God would "put a stop to sacrifice" with an abomination of desolation Daniel Jesus linked this prophecy with the destruction of the temple Matthew which came to pass in AD This confirmation was in the form of miraculous signs and gifts of the Holy Spirit Hebrews , Mark Some people hold the view that while the covenant was being confirmed, it was not fully and exclusively in force; therefore God allowed the old covenant to continue in effect for the sake of a generation of Jews who did not readily accept the gospel.

He says that Jesus "takes away the first that he might establish the second" Hebrews Who will you believe? Those who say that God continued to recognize animal offerings, or the inspired writer who says God had abolished them? Some will reply that there is no question of whether Christ abolished animal sacrifice. Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Try it free for 30 days.

Sacrifices Are Alive And Well!

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The Last Sin Offering - End of Animal Sacrifices and the Mosaic System

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