Medizinische Spitzenforschung in Deutschland (German Edition)

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Homepage Corporate Semantic Web. The boundaries between historically detached industries like pharma and devices have shifted or been eliminated while a new customer group has gained momentum and influence: The patients. Aging societies realize that healthcare is more than philanthropy: It becomes an invest into the economic basis of national economies. Science and technology are key elements of the solution of these challenges; however, not always along traditional paths of scientists and technologists.

He achieved his degrees in physics and philosophy at the University of Frankfurt and started his career at the DLR where he submitted his PhD thesis in radiation biophysics. He is an honorary professor of physics at the University of Frankfurt. Schmitz, Klaus-Peter, Prof. Abstract Recent advances in tissue engineering have made progress towards the development of biomaterials with a capacity to deliver growth factors in order to promote enhanced tissue repair.

However, controlling the release of these growth factors on demand and within the desired localized area for repair is a major challenge and the high costs and side effects associated with uncontrolled delivery has proved increasingly problematic in clinical applications. Gene therapy might be a valuable tool to avoid the limitations of local delivery of growth factors. While non-viral vectors are typically inefficient at transfecting cells, our group has had significant success in this area using a scaffold-mediated gene therapy approach for regenerative applications.

Alternatively, the scaffold-mediated delivery of siRNAs and miRNAs can be used to silence specific genes associated with pathological states. This presentation will provide an overview of ongoing research in our lab in this area with a particular focus on gene-activated biomaterials for promoting stable cartilage formation in joint repair and on the scaffold-based delivery of therapeutics for enhancing vascularization in bone repair and wound healing.

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He is a leading innovator in the development of advanced biomaterials for regenerative medicine. His research focuses on the development and clinical translation of scaffold-based therapeutics for tissue engineering, with a major focus on functionalizing these scaffolds as systems to deliver biomedicines and as advanced 3D pathophysiology in vitro systems for drug development, studying cellular crosstalk and understanding disease states in cancer, angiogenesis, immunology and infection.

He has presented over invited talks and has a current h-index of 58 Feb, Abstract Modern medicine is no longer conceivable without the use of technology. Medicine, information management, and technology converge to an ever greater extent. This development requires a combination of classic medical devices with modern information systems.

Model-based therapy enables a patient-specific diagnosis and therapy selection, application and management.


This approach can increase therapeutic efficacy, treatment precision, and treatment speed. Current systems examples are "smart" biomedical systems that adapt to patient-specific parameters, robotic systems for dynamic re- positioning of effectors, or decision support systems.

The talk introduces the topic of model-guided therapy and presents current smart patient-specific biomedical technology. Thomas Neumuth engineer and computer scientist. He is a professor of biomedical information systems and works at the Medical Faculty of the University of Leipzig and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences Leipzig. His research focuses on applied research and development in the area of intelligent and situation-adaptive medical technology. He is chairman for science of the medical device interoperability association OR.

NET e. In addition to his work in the field of intelligent operating theatres, he is currently developing a mobile emergency hospital for disaster response on behalf of the European Commission for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid. His research work in the field of medical data integration has been honored, among other things, with the Innovation Prize IT and the election as German Chancellery Expo at the Digital Summit. He is co-founder and coach of several companies in the field of medical technology. In the last fifteen years, the introduction of plane or diverging wave transmissions rather than line by line scanning focused beams broke the resolution limits of ultrasound imaging.

Jarczok , N. Rohleder, G. Rook, C. Lowry, H. Waller and S. Less immune activation following social stress in rural vs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 20 : Boeck, C. Krause , A. Karabatsiakis, K. Schury, H. Waller and I. History of child maltreatment and telomere length in immune cell subsets: Associations with stress- and attachment-related hormones.

Obstacles to German innovation

Development and Psychopathology 30 2 : Boysen, E. Schiller, K. Braunger, C. Oster EFirst. Wolf, P. Schneeweiss, A. Enck and K. Increasing effort without noticing: A randomized controlled pilot study about the ergogenic placebo effect in endurance athletes and the role of supplement salience. Evers, A.

German Chiropractic vs. American Chiropractic

Colloca, C. Blease, M. Annoni, L. Atlas, F. Benedetti, U. Bingel, C. Carvalho, B.

Thieme E-Journals - DMW - Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift / Abstract

Colagiuri, A. Crum, P. Enck, J. Gaab, A. Geers, J. Howick, K. Jensen, I.


Kirsch, K. Meissner, V. Napadow, K. Peerdeman, A.

Thomas Schauer

Raz, W. Rief, L.

Vase, T. Wager, B. Wampold, K. Weimer , K. Wiech, T. Kaptchuk, R. Klinger and J. Kelley Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics 87 4 : Henningsen, P. Kop, B. Martin, W. Rief, J.

Dr. med. Eva Rothermund

Rosmalen, A. Van den Bergh and E. Psychosomatic Medicine 80 5 : Herr, M. Barrech , N. Riedel, H.

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