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Perhaps forever? But forever turns out to be a fluid commodity when both awaken years into the future in a city called Origin. Presided over by aliens known as The Travelers, it is a world at once familiar and totally strange. And for Mina and Jack, it will become a battleground…against a hybrid race of predators loosed on the human population, against those whose dark side is so very carefully hidden, and even, as fate throws a heart wrenching twist their way, against…each other?

Corrie Brundage kicks off The Eaters trilogy with an intoxicating tale of pulse-pounding action for fans of urban fantasy and science fiction to devour and savor. Corrie Brundage is a former model, opera singer, and personal trainer who, out of sheer boredom and personal relief from planetary insanity, completed five novels in the space of twelve months.

Among these books are The Eaters Trilogy Origin, Return, and Journey , a character driven scifi romance depicting ecological dystopia, mysterious aliens, future shenanigans, space wars, and broken hearts. She pumps iron, is a political junkie, and is a dedicated animal advocate. Robert M. Pennoyer was born into a storied family — his maternal grandfather was the legendary J.

His irresistible memoir traces his sheltered childhood on the Gold Coast of Long Island; an adolescence overshadowed by the gathering clouds of World War II; and a young adulthood that survived one of the decisive engagements of the Pacific Theater — Iwo Jima.

The author gives us as well a heartwarming account of a romance that blossomed into a lifelong matrimonial partnership and a close family life, tested nonetheless by crisis. And he chronicles a distinguished career, the early part of which was spent in the service of President Eisenhower and the latter part in private law practice and pro bono work. What divides these periods, and is so impressively portrayed here, is the rise of American Progressivism led by the two Roosevelts.

Most importantly, this book is itself a demonstration of the values that boosted America on its path to greatness and for which no finer exemplar could be found than its author. It bespeaks a belief in democracy that is passionate and unshakable, and builds on a deep appreciation of the institutions that enable it. The spirit that flows through these pages may be modest, but it is also filled with an irrepressible optimism and a faith in simple values that are both uplifting and marvelously contagious.

As It Was is a lesson in a life well lived, and a tonic for dark and troubled times.

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Morgan and his marriage to the prettiest girl on the block to being a counselor to the Department of Defense and a trustee of the Metropolitan Museum. Wherever he goes, he champions humanitarian causes, aided by the law and an elegant hand with a pen. Cooper, Jr. Pennoyer attended St.

After graduation from Columbia Law School, he became, successively, a Federal prosecutor, and a counsel in the Office of the Secretary of Defense during the Eisenhower years. For many years he served as counsel to the Rockefeller foundation.

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Committed to public service, Pennoyer founded a halfway house for men emerging from prison, and over the years served as a trustee of Columbia University, Union Theological Seminary, the Carnegie Institution of Washington, the Cathedral of St. In the s, under his leadership as president, the Mrs.

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An exciting literary murder mystery set in the milieu of contemporary New York arts and theatre culture. Matt Johanssen, a dedicated stage actor in his early fifties, is currently rehearsing a play soon to open on Broadway. Through the years Matt, in addition to his work in the theatre, has also anonymously assisted the NYPD in solving a number of crimes.

While he is in rehearsals, thirty blocks away a startling murder takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where a trustee is discovered on the roof of the Museum with a javelin thrust through his heart. The dramatic nature of the crime reverberates through cultural circles in Manhattan. Ten days later, during a gala at the American Museum of Natural History, there is another murder of a museum trustee, this one far more sensational than the one before.

Working behind the scenes Matt becomes deeply involved in solving all three murders. Meanwhile, he encounters an intriguing, auburn haired woman writing about the murders, with whom he becomes involved. Set against a background of the inner workings of the theatre, as well as the arts and cultural scenes in New York City,The Patron Murders is part detective story, part social novel, and part a witty, incisive critique of the relationship of recently acquired fortunes to the old-line arts establishments of the City.

A murder-mystery as enlightening as it is entertaining.

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The Art World trembles! Thanks to a gentleman actor doubling as detective Shades of Lord Peter Wimsey , who mourns a mythical past where things like this never happened and who also has a knack for using the latest technology, he solves the case most satisfactorily. Only the solution to several murders will reveal which among the characters are genuine art and theatre lovers and which are the fat-cat phonies and Johnny-come-latelies.

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Kudos to Wilson for his sparkling debut, a thriller with a social conscience and a sense of humor. From start to finish Edwin Wilson has masterfully conjured a riveting detective mystery for the smart set. From to he was the theatre critic for The Wall Street Journal. Over the past four decades his three college theatre textbooks have appeared in a total of 28 editions while selling over one million copies. A must read for anyone going through this experience or is close to someone who is. Despite the best of plans, life does not always turn out as expected. We cannot control our fate.

In , Ed and Micki Cantor were married. Ed was a successful attorney in Connecticut. Micki was then a cable television advertising executive.

They both pursued successful careers and were happy in their life together. In , their peaceful retirement life was shattered. Micki was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. During the next eight years, Micki faced four surgical procedures, chemotherapy, several hospitalizations, a lengthy period of remission, and an uncontrollable recurrence and decline. Until her death in , Ed was her primary caregiver and a frustrated bystander.

Caught up in the medical system, Micki and Ed were consumed by the cancer—its diagnosis, its treatment, its uncertainty, its pain, unpredictability, and heartbreak. Finally, Micki and Ed had to face the essential question: Where does the struggle to prolong life end and a concern for the quality and dignity of remaining life prevail? This is a story for all families and partners. It is a story of life and death—and a truly human journey.

Edward H. Cantor was born and raised in Connecticut. He received a B. In , Ed founded his own firm in New Haven and Orange, Connecticut, and remained the senior attorney until his retirement in Ed Cantor and Micki Yates married in and had one son and two grandchildren. Micki carved out on her own career as a cable television advertising executive and retired in , eventually obtaining a graduate degree in Archaeology from Yale. Throughout his legal career and during retirement, Ed devoted a substantial amount of his time to nonprofit organizations.

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Currently, Ed is co-chairman of the Yale College Class of —present. It must be published and read. A quick and engaging read, Cantor chronicles the ups, downs highs and lows that nearly all cancer patients go through. With remarkable generosity of spirit he shows that we are not alone in how we experience cancer. Lynch, Jr. That means lots of us.

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It is the earthy chronicle of survival and triumph. I am fortunate to have, in a very small way, shared with two friends a battle and how they bravely fought it. This is a well-written, engaging, and emotionally compelling book. I am blown away by this book. Great contribution to our society. There were sections I had to read and re-read because I could not see through the tears. Your bravery, devotion, gallant and true love informs each word of this book. It is an invaluable and generous gift to any and all of us who have faced or are facing the inevitable absence of a loved one.

Benjamin Bingham April 21, pages, 5. People who care about the planet and humanity need a bridge from deeply felt values to a new money paradigm…. The world of impact investing is emerging as a mainstream investment them. The way we think about money has extraordinary impact. This book satisfies the growing longing for a financial overview that can provide practical advice and demonstrate how money is a social tool.

Making Money Matter introduces the reader to common money mistakes, and the dysfunctional nature of the current financial framework. It provides a philosophical basis for transforming our view of money from an end unto itself to a means to change the world for the better. People who care about the planet and society at large need a bridge from deeply felt values to practical understanding and advice that will lead to a new money paradigm.

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This new approach covers all aspects of money from everyday transactions to high impact investment options. It describes a new investment paradigm that will support both reasonable returns and long-term societal and planetary health. He writes regularly for The Huffington Post. Now out of print! A limited number of copies are available for order from the publisher.