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Sadly, the more outlets we have for immediate expression, the more voiceless our society has become. The habits that we have made and shaped for ourselves perpetuate this lack of communication, and this is especially true when it comes to hearing God. It becomes easier and easier to not even try. One of the ways we hide God from our presence is through the noise and busyness of life, distracting us from each other, which in the end hinders our prayers 1 Peter Frustration, and a seeming inability to change our ways, builds cold, loveless relationships that fail to bring true communication and fellowship.

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Forming good habits are important and can stop this destructive cycle. With a habit, the decision is already made, and the bandwidth of our mind, so to speak, is free to us to focus our energy and attention elsewhere. Habits that get us into the Bible and prayer, and that keep us deeply connected in the body of Christ are spiritual life-savers.

So, how do we form new habits of trust and gratitude? Well, it begins with listening—or rather, knowing what to listen for! We need time to turn off the noise and listen to his goodness again—first, in his Word and second, in each other 2 Tim.

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God walks everywhere incognito, as C. Lewis often said.

In the closest people around us, God seeks to communicate with his children. God wears the masks of friends and family, providing us with signs of his immeasurable goodness, leading us into his constant praise James — Adriel Sanchez May 6. We might not find advice in the Bible about whether we should work as a dentist or go to Africa. It is completely sufficient. It contains all we need to be saved and live a godly life 2 Tim That means that if we want to know God, his will for us and how to live, the Bible will let us know what we need to know.

The wonderful news is that we can, anytime!

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