Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving--and How Others Like Me Can, Too

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Growing Up Psychic

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Angels, Miracles, and Heavenly Encounters. A must read for anyone interested in the paranormal. Dec 08, Shahrun rated it liked it. I'm really not sure what I make of this book. It wasn't what I was expecting at all really.

I wasn't hoping for more of an autobiography. But there was a lot of self help elements guess the clue was in be title. Some of the anecdotes were a bit suspect for me, as I have read them before in other unconnected sources. Also, I know for a fact I have never read this book before, but there were pretty much no surprises in it for me, I knew all the punchlines. It left me feeling very confused. Nov 05, Quinn Andreas rated it liked it. It seemed pretty basic and read almost like an outline. A couple of the stories would stick with me so I thought a 3 Star was fair instead of less.

Apr 14, Jennifer rated it really liked it. When I first saw a preview for the show I thought it would be exploitative or sappy. It was neither and his skill in helping kids to strengthen themselves was refreshing in an era of gold stars and prizes simply for showing up. I recently checked out his book and was not disappointed; although it certainly was not what I expected. He does share specific sections of his life and describes what some psychic kids have experienced.

I appreciate his matter-of-fact attitude and the book is well structured, including checklists for parents at the end of each chapter. He also makes it clear that people can be psychic or mentally ill or both! This is not something many t. Chip talks specifically about how harmful the medical field can be for psychic kids and how important it is to verify the accuracy of what they are reporting in order to ensure they are not treated for schizophrenia but are validated as simply being tuned in to a different or wider receiver than others.

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The key issue is verification and he describes in detail different methods for uncovering the truth; especially since the verification may come through synchronistic means. He mentions the Arthur Findlay College in England, which is purported to study spiritualism. Whether you are psychic or are concerned about a family member, this book is helpful and an enjoyable read. Dec 08, Shannon Yarbrough rated it really liked it. I follow him on Facebook and when I learned about the release of his first book sometime last year, I immediately pre-ordered it.

At just pages, it's a quick read but it is filled with valuable and insightful information. It starts with Chip's own story and his childhood psychic abilities and experiences as his family moved around the south. Chip also reveals his first paranormal I've been a fan of Chip Coffey since his work on Paranormal State and later on his own show Psychic Kids. Chip also reveals his first paranormal investigations and his first experience as a medium, leading up to his eventual television debut and how he got his own show.

From here, Chip spends the next few chapters explaining what it means to be psychic, how to tell if your child might be psychic, and how to control and manage psychic gifts. He also spends a chapter explaining the need for psychic protection and how to deal with skeptics. Since the focus of the book is mainly on how to support your psychic child, Chip offers up the stories of many of the children that appeared on Psychic Kids.