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Goethe was the eldest of seven children, though only one other survived into adulthood, his sister Cornelia —77 , for whom he felt an intense affection of whose potentially incestuous nature he seems to have been aware. Goethe was educated with his sister at home by tutors until he was His father had very definite ideas about his education and intended that Goethe should follow the pattern he himself had pursued as a young man: studying law, gaining experience at the Reichskammergericht the supreme court of the Holy Roman Empire in Wetzlar, and eventually rounding off his worldly culture with a grand tour to Italy, after which he could marry and settle down, perhaps rising, as his father had not been able to do, to a position of responsibility in the city administration.

In , therefore, Goethe left home to study law in Leipzig. His emotional state became hectic, and his health gave way—he may have suffered an attack of tuberculosis—and in September he returned home to Frankfurt without a degree.

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Another bout of illness then brought him apparently near death, and in the aftermath he underwent a brief conversion from freethinking to evangelical Christianity. You are using an outdated browser.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von (1749–1832; Elevated to the Nobility as von Goethe in 1782)

Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Here, we will explore them in both their original German as well as the English translations.

English Translation: Fortunately, people can comprehend only a certain degree of misfortune; anything beyond that either destroys them or leaves them indifferent. English Translation: An old man loses one of the most important rights of man: he is no longer judged by his peers.

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Goethe and fellow poet Johann Peter Eckermann regularly corresponded with one another. This comes from a letter to Eckermann. English Translation: Napoleon provides us an example of how dangerous it is to be elevated to the absolute and to sacrifice everything to implement an idea. It was first published in , then revised and republished in English Translation: Of all the thieving riff-raff, fools are the worst.

They steal both your time and your good mood.

English Translation: There is no patriotic art and no patriotic science. Both belong, like all high good, to the whole world English Translation: Everything we encounter leaves traces behind.

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