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At that point of the story she has been imprisoned in the palace of Armida, Queen of Damascus, and receives the advances of the Saracen king Argante. The Aria expresses her lament over the unfortunate situation. Let me weep my cruel fate, and let me sigh for liberty. May sorrow break these chains of my sufferings just for the sake of pity.

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Spence, S. Poets and Critics Read Vergil. New Haven and London. Spring, M. The lute in Britain: a history of the instrument and its music. Oxford and New York. Wells, R. Grove , sv. And a sweet voice flows from his mouth. Onians —; for the quotation. Both concepts are deeply involved with life. As for the latter, see Frame and Bonifazi c. On wine and water metaphorizing the song throughout Isthmian VI, see Bonifazi — Pouring liquids, offering libations at the tombs or graves of dead heroes restores the essence of their life.

The remembrance of weeping Niobe is cast in the weeping of Achilles and Priam cf. The author accounts for the epic telling at those meals as a way to alleviate and overcome mourning. Rather, I would say that performing epic is the way to go through and to fully accomplish the mourning, to bring it to its telos. The two characters are inherently bound also in this respect. Alexiou quotes the content of a funerary inscription dating back to the IV cent. Watering equals bestowing memory upon the dead.

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Also in modern laments the mourner is supposed to weep enough to make a lake or spring to quench the thirst of the dead The translation is by Konstan About tangunt and the importance of touching, see Nagy — Note the omnitemporal present of tangunt, once again. Whether Dowland implicitly conveyed specific philosophical beliefs or simply adherence to some mundane fashion of his contemporaries, the fact remains that he did not invent the esthetics and the poetic motifs of darkness, sorrow and melancholy.

The latter had been theorized by Burton in a voluminous treatise titled Anatomy of Melancholy London, , which is divided into three major sections, that is, 1. Causes, symptoms of common melancholies; 2. Cures for melancholy; 3. Complex melancholy, such as love melancholy the longest subsection; see Burton — and religious melancholy. These are the words that appear in the song-book see Poulton Poulton argues that Dowland himself composed the text A recording of the entire piece with the lute played by A.

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