Devil on a Sparrows Wing (The Viridis Series Book 2)

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Do I need to ask that question on a different thread? Well, anyway, here's the Nextier update: Haggard, H. Rushton, William: standalone W. Smith, George H. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde adapted by Yamamoto, Mitsu, illustrations by Pablo Marcos Studio Series of illustrated novels adapted for young readers. Wells, H.

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The numbering on the master list has been adjusted accordingly. Additionally, I've decided I'm going to give responses to my pleas for clarification on the manga titles until the end of this month. If no one has provided any input by then, I'm going to go with my gut and cull accordingly.

The new titles for the list are: Bush, Emilie P.

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This is a children's story book, but as it doesn't fit neatly into any of the other list categories, I've opted to include it with the novels. Again, I'm open to debate. Koehler, K. McGillicuddy World This series continues as e-books. I have got to stop compiling these lists instead of sleeping I'm working on the graphic novels list and the collections list simultaneously just because I'm coming across the titles for both in the same searches , and I keep finding more for this list I missed the first go 'round Ross, Nicole: series name?

Fornax Rising The Fall of Melnax Is there a title that should be on here? Is there a title on here that shouldn't be? Either way, let me know. Also, the commentary period for the manga titles I mentioned earlier ends Monday, March 31 at midnight, CST ; anything coming in later than that I'll assume is an April Fool's gag! And remember you can PM me if you're not comfortable communicating through this thread. Alrighty, then I stayed away for a few days to let the April Foolishness die down, and now, absent any further input on the topic, I've eliminated Trigun , Read or Die , Read or Dream , and Samurai 7 from the graphic novels list, and will therefore not be adding their accompanying light novels to this list.

Correct your copies of the list accordingly. We're adding the following: Alpin, Maeve: series name? As the series name implies, this is a children's series. That's it for now, but please keep the commentary coming! I've been asked by a poster on another thread if I was interested in including theater scripts.

To which my jaw dropped, because a I'd never considered it and b I didn't know there were such things. Okay, I knew scripts existed, I just didn't know any Steampunk scripts existed. The poster drew my attention to two scripts in the same series located at www. I haven't made the time to look at them yet, but if they're Steampunk, they should be included Now, since the scripts apparently only exist currently online, should they be included on the list for e-books? Or, do scripts more properly belong on a completely new list, one for entertainment?

I'm leaning towards the latter, but I'm throwing it open for discussion. I hadn't even considered play scripts I'm nearly in over my head as it is. If the play only exists online, I might think about including it on the e-published list, although I think it would properly belong on a list of Steampunk entertainment.

Which, I suppose, if I haven't been carted away by the nice chaps in the white coats after "finishing" the current lists, I might think about beginning after a loooong tropical vacation with intravenous margaritas. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this one's going to be a lengthy update, so I'm probably going to break it up into separate posts First up, some corrections and updates: Under the initial entry for Felix Gilman's works, I did not have a series name, and some titles that I'd listed belong to another series entirely. So, Thunderer and Gears of the City move to a separate entry for the series Thunderer.

This still leaves the title The Revolutions as an orphan, unless it belongs to one of the two series listed above. For The Lost Imperials , after finally seeing a copy of the book's cover I realized I had the order of the authors' names reversed, so the correct order is Ficklin, Sherry D. The Ian R.

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Remember how I said I'm including the "light novel" our YA versions of mangas? Well, I hit a snag on one of them.

  1. Pulp Banner;
  2. Una situación comprometida (Escándalos de Sociedad) (Spanish Edition).
  3. The Participants!
  4. The Birds of Eastern Ecuador.
  5. Devil on a Sparrow's Wing.

For Kia Asamiya's light novel versions of Steam Detectives , I can see that two light novels were published, between However, with that taunting morsel the trail goes cold. Does anyone have any information on these two books? I'm not trying to find copies for purchase, but I'd like to be able to add their titles to the list so that those interested can seek them out. At Charleston we lived with my friend Bachman , and continued our occupations.

Pringle , we went on board the revenue cutter the "Marion," commanded by Robert Day , Esq. At Indian Key, the Deputy-Collector, Mr Thruston , afforded me important aid; and at Key West I enjoyed the hospitality of Major Glassel , his officers, and their families, as well as of my friend Dr Benjamin Strobel , and other inhabitants of that singular island, to all of whom I now sincerely offer my best thanks for the pleasure which their society afforded me, and the acquisitions which their ever ready assistance enabled me to make.

Having examined every part of the coast which it was the duty of the commander of the Marion to approach, we returned to Charleston with our numerous prizes, and shortly afterwards I bent my course eastwards, anxious to keep pace with the birds during their migrations.

Part 1: The Readers

With the assistance of my friend Bachman , I now procured for my assistant Mr Ward , a situation of ease and competence, in the Museum of the Natural History Society of Charleston, and Mr Lehman returned to his home. At Philadelphia I was joined by my family, and once more together we proceeded towards Boston. That dreadful scourge the cholera was devastating the land, and spreading terror around its course. We left Philadelphia under its chastising hand, and arrived at New York, where it was raging, while a heavy storm that suddenly burst over our heads threw an additional gloom over the devoted city, already bereft of a xvii great part of her industrious inhabitants.

After spending a day with our good friends and relatives, we continued our journey, and arrived at Boston. Never, I fear, shall I have it in my power to return a tithe of the hospitality which was there shewn towards us, or of the benevolence and generosity which we experienced, and which evidently came from the heart, without the slightest mixture of ostentation. Indeed, I must acknowledge that although I have been happy in forming many valuable friendships in various parts of the world, all dearly cherished by me, the outpouring of kindness which I experienced at Boston far exceeded all that I have ever met with.

Who that has visited that fair city, has not admired her site, her universities, her churches, her harbours, the pure morals of her people, the beautiful country around her, gladdened by glimpses of villas, each vying with another in neatness and elegance?

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Who that has made his pilgrimage to her far-famed Bunker's Hill, entered her not less celebrated Fanneuil Hall, studied the history of her infancy, her progress, her indignant patriotism, her bloody strife, and her peaceful prosperity—that has moreover experienced, as I have done, the beneficence of her warm-hearted and amiable sons—and not felt his bosom glow with admiration and love? Think of her Adamses , her Perkins , her Everetts , her Peabodys , Cushings , Quinceys , Storeys , Paines , Greens , Tudors , Davises , and Pickerings , whose public and private life presents all that we deem estimable, and let them be bright examples of what the xviii citizens of a free land ought to be.

But besides these honourable individuals whom I have taken the liberty of mentioning, many others I could speak of with delight, and one I would point out in particular, as he to whom my deepest gratitude is due, one whom I cannot omit mentioning, because, of all the good and the estimable, he it is whose remembrance is most dear to me:—that generous friend is George Parkman. About the middle of August, we left our Boston friends, on our way eastward; and, after rambling here and there, came in sight of Moose Island, on which stands the last frontier town, boldly facing one of the entrances of the Bay of Fundy.

The climate was cold, but the hearts of the inhabitants of Eastport were warm. One day sufficed to render me acquainted with all whom I was desirous of knowing. Captain Childs , the commander of the garrison, was most obliging to me, while his wife shewed the greatest kindness to mine, and the brave officers received my sons with brotherly feelings. Think, reader, of the true pleasure we enjoyed when travelling together, and everywhere greeted with so cordial a welcome, while every facility was afforded me in the prosecution of my researches.

We made excursions into the country around, ransacked the woods and the shores, and on one occasion had the pleasure of meeting with a general officer in his Britannic Majesty's service, who, on my presenting to him the official documents with which I had been honoured by the Home Department, evinced the greatest desire to be of service to me. We removed for some weeks to Dennisville, a neat little village, where the acquaintance of Judge Lincoln's family rendered our stay exceedingly agreeable.

We had, besides, the gratification of being joined by two gentlemen from Boston, one of whom has ever since remained xix a true friend to me. Time passed away, and having resolved to explore the British provinces of New Brunswick, we proceeded to St John's, where we met with much politeness, and ascending the river of that name, a most beautiful stream, reached Frederickton, where we spent a week.

Here Sir Archibald Campbell , Bart. We then ascended the river to some miles below the "Great Falls" parallel to Mar's Hill, and again entered the United States' territory near Woodstock. From this spot we proceeded to Bangor, on the Penobscot river, as you will find detailed in one of my short narratives entitled, "A Journey in New Brunswick and Maine.

Soon after our arrival in Boston, my son Victor Gifford set sail for England, to superintend the publication of my "Birds of America," and we resumed our pursuits, making frequent excursions into the surrounding country. Here I was a witness to the melancholy death of the great Spurzheim , and was myself suddenly attacked by a severe illness, which greatly alarmed my family; but, thanks to Providence, and my medical friends Parkman , Warren , and Shattuck , I was soon enabled to proceed with my labours. A sedentary life and too close application being the cause assigned for my indisposition, I resolved to set out again in quest of fresh materials for my pencil and pen.

My wishes directing me to Labrador, I returned eastward with my youngest son, and had the pleasure of being joined by four young gentlemen, all fond of Natural History, and willing to encounter the difficulties and privations of the voyage,— George Shattuck , Thomas Lincoln , William Ingalls , and Joseph Cooledge. Emmery , and, through the medium of my government letters, was enabled to visit, in the United States' Revenue Cutters, portions of the Bay of Fundy, and several of the thinly inhabited islands at its entrance. At length the day of our departure for Labrador arrived.

The wharf was crowded with all our friends and acquaintance, and as the "star-spangled banner" swiftly glided to the mast-head of our buoyant bark, we were surprised and gratified by a salute from the fort that towers high over the bay. As we passed the Revenue Cutter at anchor, her brave commander paid us the same honour; after which he came on board, and piloted us through a very difficult outlet.

The next day, favoured by a good breeze, we proceeded at a rapid rate and passing through the interesting Gut of Cansso, launched into the broad waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence, and made sail for the Magdeleine Islands. There we spent a few days, and made several valuable observations. Proceeding from thence, we came in view of the famous "Gannet Rock," where countless numbers of Solan Geese sat on their eggs. A heavy gale coming on, away we sped with reefed sails, towards the coast of Labrador, which next morning came in view.

The wind had by this time fallen to a moderate breeze, the sky was clear, and every eye was directed towards the land. As we approached it we perceived what we supposed to be hundreds of snow-white sails sporting over the waters, and which we conjectured to be the barks of fishermen; but on nearing them, we found them to be masses of drifting snow and ice, which filled every nook and cove of the rugged shores. Our captain had never been on the coast before, and our pilot proved useless; xxi but the former being a skilful and sagacious seaman, we proceeded with confidence, and after passing a group of fishing boats, the occupiers of many of which we had known at Eastport, we were at length safely anchored in the basin named "American Harbour," where we found several vessels taking in cured fish.

But few days had elapsed, when, one morning, we saw a vessel making towards our anchorage, with the gallant flag of England waving in the breeze, and as she was moored within a cable-length of the Ripley, I soon paid my respects to her commander, Captain Bayfield of the Royal Navy. The politeness of British Naval officers is proverbial, and from the truly frank and cordial reception of this gentleman and his brave "companions in arms," I feel more than ever assured of the truth of this opinion.

On board the "Gulnare," there was also an amiable and talented surgeon, who was a proficient in botany. We afterwards met with the vessel in several other harbours. Of the country of Labrador you will find many detached sketches in this volume, so that for the present it is enough for me to say that having passed the summer there, we sailed on our return for the United States, touched at Newfoundland, explored some of its woods and rivers, and landed at Pictou in Nova Scotia, where we left the Ripley, which proceeded to Eastport with our collections.