Con le mani nella terra (Italian Edition)

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Esser de coccio [Aoh, ma che sei de' coccio] To be of earthenware : Being slow in understanding. Essere una macchietta to be a little spot : to be a funny, entertaining, peculiar person.

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Essere ai minimi termini to be at the minimum terms : to not be able to divide one's numerator and denominator by the same number, to be very tired Essere in punto e virgola to be in dot and comma [used in Tuscany]: to be dressed up and behave in a formal manner. Essere in vena being in vein : Feeling inspired. Essere sul piede di partenza to be on the foot of start : to be ready to leave Essere punto e a capo to be point and at chief : to be back to square one.

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Essere sbarellato being out of stretcher : Being incoherent, acting erratically. Essere seccante to be drying : to be annoying. Essere vestito di tutto punto to be dressed of all period : to be dressed very well and with attention to detail. Far girare le scatole to make the boxes turn : to upset. Far ridere i polli to make the chicken laugh : to be ridiculous. Far vedere di che pasta uno e' fatto to make see of what dough one is made : to show what one is capable of doing or how tough one can be. Far vedere i sorci verdi to make someone see the green rats : to give someone trouble.

Far venire l'acquolina in bocca to make the little water come in the mouth : To make one's mouth water. Fare fiasco to make flask : To fail. Fare il bello e il cattivo tempo to make the beautiful and the bad weather : Having the power to do as one pleases. Fare il bidone a qualcuno to make the trash can to someone : to stand someone up. Fare il cascamorto to make the fall dead : Flirting in an obvious, conspicuous way. Fare le corna to do the horns : hope for the best, make an offensive gesture by keeping the index and little fingers straight out of a closed hand , to cheat on one's spouse.

Fare il filo a qualcuno making the thread to someone Come on to someone, court someone. Fare un passo falso to make a fake step : to make a mistake. Fare il pelo e il contropelo to do the hair and the againsthair : To give a good dressing down. Fare le scarpe a qualcuno to make the shoes to someone : to eliminate someone Fare la scarpetta Making the little shoe Using a piece of bread to collect sauce from a plate and eat it.

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Fare secco qualcuno to make someone dry : to kill someone Fare lo stoccafisso to do the air-dried cod : to be stiff. Fare il tagliando alla macchina to do the cutting to the car : to perform a car check up at a given mileage. Fare pace con il cervello Make peace with your brain Acting like a dumb since you disconnected the brain! Fare un liscio doing a smooth : Missing something. Fare un tiro mancino to do a lefty throw : Doing something tricky, harmful, or unpleasant. Fare una brutta figura to make an ugly figure : leaving a bad impression.

Fare una cappella making a chapel : Making a mistake. Fare una frittata to make an omelette : Mess up Fare una papera making a female duck : Making a trivial mistake Fare senso to make sense : to be disgusting Fare specie to make species : to surprise. Farla franca to make it female frank : To get away with.

Farla in barba a qualcuno To do it in facial hair to someone Outwit someone. Farsi due fili to make to oneself two threads : to eat spaghetti. Fatto trenta, facciamo trentuno!

go Filare liscio come l'olio to line smooth as oil : to go smoothly, as planned. Freddo assassino cold assassin : very cold. La gatta furiosa fa i figli ciechi The hastily cat, deliver blind kittens : Slow down. Il gioco non vale la candela the game is not worth the candle : It is not worth it. Girare a vuoto to turn at empty : to go round in circles.

Gli ha piu' garbo un ciuco a bere a boccia [florentine slang] there has more grace a donkey to drink at bottle : a donkey drinking directly from a bottle is better mannered than you. La lingua batte dove il dente duole The tongue beats where the tooth aches : Something comes up to remind you of a painful situation. Ma va' a quel paese! Mangiare cadaveri Eating dead bodies : Having a bad breath!

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Mangiare la foglia Eating the leaf : Understanding something that was concealed. Marinare la scuola To marinate school : Skipping a school day [There are many different local expressions in Italy for skipping school].

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Ma non metterla giu' dura! Veniva e viene ancora appeso alle travi del soffitto. Il suo nome varia da zona a zona e non ha un nome corrispondente in italiano.

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Being with you who are no longer with us is so much more than living among the busy lives who take away my breath that peace I need for being cursed the way I am. Being with you always grape by grape my aurec hung on my slender rafter in this room with the painted outside door where a famished child has not eaten the bunch clenched in his hands because the grapes are numbered It was and still is hung from the rafters in the attic. The dried grapes were eaten in winter. Its name varies from place to place and has no equivalent in Italian.

Here, the Aurec is my deceased grandmother. He teaches elementary school. Then, in collaboration with L. Vit writes in southern Friulan, the language of Bagnarola. But his insights herein transcend the socio-political causes of this oppression. His alliterations develop in relief: e. Walter Belardi and G. No sta vignimi dongia cuntralus. And that rivulet of light along the knee! When the sun ensnares itself in the thorns of the darkness, then whose will be the face that I caress?

There are those who learn how to suckle from the white of the page, to whistle from a wind hidden deep within.

Manowar - Father (Italian Version)

And how you can command, condemn, cudgel all humanity, right from there, from that white room, perched like a king on the throne of the latrine. He studied at the University of Bologna and now teaches in a lycaeum in Pordenone. He has published numerous critical essays on literature and aesthetics in journals such as Testo a fronte , Studi di estetica , Diverse Lingue , and Baldus which he also edits. The following essays of his have appeared in book format s : Diritto alla poesia , with A. De Biasio and A.

Lettura della trilogia di A. Publishing a few chap-books in Italian—e. His most important dialect works are Altro che storie!