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BBC Horizon looked at some of the most promising ideas for turning this staple of science fiction into reality.

Prof Mallett has wanted to build a time machine for most of his life. His passion, he explains, can be traced to a tragic event early in his life. Ron's father, a heavy smoker, died of a heart attack at the age of 33 - when Prof Mallett was just 10 years of age. Ron was devastated and withdrew into his books.

Prof Mallett explains: "If I could build a time machine, then I could go back into the past and see my father again and maybe save his life and change everything.

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Time travel may sound far-fetched, but scientists are already exploring several mysteries of nature that could one day see Ron's dream fulfilled. Albert Einstein thought the three dimensions of space were linked to time - which serves as a fourth dimension. He called this system space-time, and it's the model of the Universe that we use today. But Einstein also thought it was possible to fold space-time, creating a shortcut between two distant locations.

This phenomenon is called a wormhole, and it can be visualised as a tunnel with two openings, each emerging at different points in space-time. Wormholes might exist naturally in the cosmos; indeed, scientists in Russia are trying to use radio telescopes to detect them. But using wormholes for time travel won't be straightforward. The nearest ones could be many light-years away. And even if you could get to them and then survive the journey through them, there's no guarantee where you'd end up.

But some physicists have speculated that we might be able to conjure up bespoke wormholes at some point in the future - though we currently have no idea how. Physics also predicts that wormholes would have a habit of collapsing, crushing whatever's inside them. If a time machine is ever to exploit them, we'd have to find a way to stop this inconvenient feature. The mysterious phenomenon of dark energy might provide a solution. In the s, astronomers found that the expansion of the Universe was speeding up, rather than slowing down as might have been expected. We don't know what that is, but it makes up most of the Universe.

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A wormhole will only work for time travel if its "mouth" can be held open for long enough that it allows something to travel through it. That requires something called negative energy, which doesn't really exist in the everyday world.

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But the dark energy that permeates the cosmos fits the bill - if we can figure out what it is, we might be able to prop open a wormhole long enough to go in one end and out the other. Wormholes exist at the more speculative end of physics, offering one approach to travelling in time. But Ron Mallett has another.

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He has drawn up plans for an actual time machine, and his concept was inspired by a book he read at age 12 about Albert Einstein's equations. Prof Mallett has built a table-top device that illustrates principles he thinks could be used to build a real, working time machine. First, lasers are used to generate a circulating beam of light. Mar 11, Kathy rated it it was amazing. Loved it! Didn't want it to end! Oct 26, Kayla Ritt rated it it was amazing. I picked up this book when I was in the library with my daughter in the teen section.

The title stood out of the shelves and I read a page or two and couldn't put this book down! It was similar in voice to "The Lovely Bones" and interestingly swayed back and forth from present to past, thus the Circle of Time. Here's the synopsis: As fourteen-year-old Allison B I picked up this book when I was in the library with my daughter in the teen section.

Here's the synopsis: As fourteen-year-old Allison Blair lies comatose in the hospital, she hears in her head the voice of Becky Lee Thompson, pleading for help and pulling Allison back in time to —and into Becky's body. Allison must remain in the past—fortified by her own growing feeling for Joshua, and Becky's will—to make sense of the layers of mystery, blackmail, and mistaken identity so that history will be altered.

Nov 13, Rei rated it it was amazing Shelves: advisory Allison, the main character had an accident and ended up in a coma but as she lies in the coma , she hears a girl named Becky to save her. Becky takes Allison back in time and asks for her help of saving Joshua the boy who loves Becky and herself. While Becky, is helping Allison in her body. This is one of biggest time traveling mystery books I have ever read. If I was put in Allison, the main character had an accident and ended up in a coma but as she lies in the coma , she hears a girl named Becky to save her. If I was put in her position I think I would never be able to survive.

While I was reading this book I really liked the way, how Marisa Montes describes the setting in the book. I could really picture the setting in my head. One of the ways how I can relate to Allison is that she never gives up on the adventure. This was a very interesting book that I may want to read again in the future. Jun 19, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. Allison has just suffered a terrible accident and is now in the hopital close to death.

The only reason she didn't died is because a girl name Becky from the past saved her. Since Becky saved her, she has to go back years ago and save Becky and her boyfriend Joshua. As in it didn't really happen. However, the only real timetravel that happens is when Church goes back in time. So he does kill Flowers. How is this the only real timetravel? The whole getting sent into the future 'timetravel' didn't actually happen. So the time travel didn't really happen to any of the sim troopers, but it was real for Alpha, because Gamma had Wyoming's time distortion unit.

Plot hole closed. I guess so. Now all we need to do is understand the mystery of Yellow Church.

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But that one is for another day. I guess the real reason is that the writers wanted a visual gag and a one line joke, so they made one of the Churches yellow, and said it was about Sister because sister is yellow. And then we can make up whatever fits into the canon from there since there is no confirmation from the writers or anything. We know that Church is an AI. What if during one of his many runs of trying to go to the future, he ends up hitching a ride in Caboose? My theory essentially goes that he was corrupted during this time which is why he failed to leave Caboose after everything that happened.

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Once he eventually gets forced out in season 5, he resets back to Season 3 and realizes how much he failed. I'm really confused, this mean that he would just have to shoot himself when he possesses a bad guy's body. It's annoying to him, he doesn't even like being inside Grif to make him drop the gun. Plus, Epsilon especially, likes to tell Carolina how to attack a lot more than he likes actually running around with the sniper rifle. For Alpha, a lot of the time he just didn't know how to possess people.

One of my favorite characters was Allison, she was brave enough to go on that adventure of. Discover the Mysteries of Time Travel, and explore 35 true cases of: The incredible Map of the Creator, a million-year-old, aerial map.

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