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Bay Area Regional Desalination Project

Additional information will be shared as it becomes available. Workshop Documents: Session 1 Session 2. Workshop Documents: Presentation. What has Changed? Where is it Going? Sensitive fish species are present in the vicinity of the treatment plant in February — May, and mitigation for any potential impacts could be incorporated into the project design.

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They would be even lower except that pumping and treatment for delivery routes adds energy consumption. Boston CollegeSource: Stanford website and fbschedules. Oklahoma vs. LSU at Michigan vs. Michigan at LSU vs. Georgia at Georgia vs. Auburn at Auburn vs. Alabama Arlington , vs. BaylorSource: fbschedules. Michigan at Michigan vs.

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Wisconsin at Kansas State vs. Kansas at Kansas vs. Kansas StateSource: fbschedules. His commitment to finding A-level opponents for the Ducks seemingly speaks to the value the committee places on challenging games outside of conference. Click here to subscribe. And thanks for your loyalty. By Jon Wilner jwilner bayareanewsgroup. From through , the Pac is scheduled to play games against Power Five opponents.

Notes on the lists:. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. While U5M was decreasing during the s, the existing inequalities were exacerbated and coincided with increasing HIV prevalence and rampant poverty across the country [ 45 ]. Conversely, inequalities started to decline in the early s and linked to huge reductions in the differences between counties with low and high U5M rates and were sustained through to However, differences recorded in are still unacceptable and focus on reducing U5M in these high burden areas will narrow the gap.

These investors are mapping systems to catalyze structural change

Mortality rates in some of the counties of Central province appear to have stalled, stagnated, or reversed in most recent periods especially after Additional file 5. These counties had low starting U5M level in , experienced the smallest overall decline and despite the marginal increases in the recent years, they still have lower U5M levels relative to counties in Western areas of Kenya. The lower U5M rates might be explained by fertile lands supporting agriculture, economic and political stability, low prevalence of HIV and malaria. However, no county achieved MDG 4, and given ambitious targets, additional targeted efforts are required.

Projections to were not attempted due to concerns regarding long-term projections using insufficient data; the year for which the projections are made should lie closer to the actual year of the most recent data [ 51 ]. Finally, the heterogeneous patterns in U5M observed in time and space are likely to be ascribed to uneven distribution, access and utilization of interventions and resources.

This requires further evaluations to better explain and quantify specific contributions of these differences to these observed trends. In conclusion, substantial progress in reducing U5M over time was witnessed subnationally, especially since However, the rates of progress were slow and unequal across counties and as a result, the progress towards achieving international child survival targets remains sub-optimal across counties and over time.

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Huge spatio-temporal inequalities continue to persist with substantial gaps between the best and worst performing counties. The estimates generated can be used as a baseline for long-term monitoring and tracking progress and to inform better and efficient allocation of the resources through policies and programs that allow for equitable progress within the decentralized health planning structure in Kenya.

Global, regional, national, and selected subnational levels of stillbirths, neonatal, infant, and under-5 mortality, — a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study Reidpath DD, Allotey P. Infant mortality rate as an indicator of population health. J Epidemiol Community Health. World summit for children. Popul Dev Rev. Accessed 23 Feb United Nations. United Nations Millenium declaration. Accessed 11 Sep The sustainable development goals report.

Accessed 1 Dec Child mortality Report Accessed 15 Nov Mapping under-5 and neonatal mortality in Africa, — a baseline analysis for the sustainable development goals. Geographical inequalities and social and environmental risk factors for under-five mortality in Ghana in and Bayesian spatial analysis of census data. PLoS Med. Small area estimation of under-5 mortality in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Chad, Mozambique, Uganda, and Zambia using spatially misaligned data.

Popul Health Metrics. Estimation of district-level under-5 mortality in Zambia using birth history data, Spat Spatiotemporal Epidemiol.

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Space-time smoothing of complex survey data: small area estimation for child mortality. Ann Appl Stat. Benchmarking health system performance across states in Nigeria: a systematic analysis of levels and trends in key maternal and child health interventions and outcomes, — BMC Med. Anker R, Knowles JC. An empirical analysis of mortality differentials in Kenya at the macro and micro levels. Econ Dev Cult Change. National Research Council.

Population dynamics of Kenya. Washington: National Academies Press; Mortality differentials in Kenya: paper presented to the International Union for the Scientific Study of population seminar on mortality and Society in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kemei KM. Differential Mortality in kenya: University of Nairobi; Sources of variation in under-5 mortality across sub-Saharan Africa: a spatial analysis. Lancet Glob Heal.

Estimating under five mortality in space and time in a developing world context. Stat Methods Med Res. An integration of demographic and epidemiologic research on mortality in Kenya. In: Determinants of mortality change and differentials in developing countries: the five country case study project; Government of Kenya: Ministry of Health.

National Policy Guidelines on Immunization in Kenya. Accessed 2 Feb Lupia R, Chien SC. J Exp Clin Med. Measuring progress towards sustainable development goal 3. BMJ GlobalHealth. Progress and priorities for reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health in Kenya: a countdown to country case study. The prevalence of plasmodium falciparum in sub-Saharan Africa since BMJ Glob Heal. The challenges of changing national malaria drug policy to artemisinin-based combinations in Kenya. Malar J. Increasing coverage and decreasing inequity in insecticide-treated bed net use among rural Kenyan children.

Coverage of vitamin a supplementation and deworming during Malezi bora in Kenya. J Epidemiol Glob Health. Beyond Zero. Beyond Zero Intiative. Accessed 22 Feb Governmnet of Kenya:Ministry of Health. Accessed 8 Feb Government of Kenya: Ministry of health. Accessed 22 May Measuring under-five mortality: validation of new low-cost methods.

Kenya National Data Archive. Accessed 21 Apr Minnesota Population Center. Error and bias in under-5 mortality estimates derived from birth histories with small sample sizes. Brass W. Uses of census or survey data for the estimation of vital rates.